The Second Fermentation: Fruity & Fizzy Kombucha

Do you love kombucha, but are looking for a great and healthy way to jazz it up a bit? Well, if so, you’ve stopped at the right place. You can make your own specialty flavored brew in your very own kitchen.
Starting where we left off, in my other post on Getting Started with Homemade Kombucha… You presumably just finished your brew cycle for kombucha. If you made a one gallon batch of kombucha we are going to divide our second fermentation in multiple smaller jars. You will split up your gallon, but instead of 4 quart jars, you will need 5 to accommodate for the space needed for fruit or juice. You can use fresh fruit, dried fruit or juice.

Fruity & Fizzy Kombucha

  • Drain off your finished brew, being careful to keep your SCOBY and at least a 1/2 of kombucha remaining, use this as your starter liquid for your next batch.
  • Get 5 quart sized jars ready. If you are using fresh fruit you will put 1/4 of fresh fruit into each of the 5 jars. If you are using dried fruit you will use 1-2 tablespoons per jar. And finally, the ratio if you are using juice. Pour 1 quart of juice into a jar and put 1/5 into each jar.
  • Now pour your finished brew into each jar, until the you reach about an inch from the top.
  • Secure a tight lid and leave at room temperature for 3-6 days. Be careful not to go too long. The carbonation build up, can make your jar explode. Exploding kombucha is quite a mess to clean up.
  • Refrigerate your Fruity, Fizzy Kombucha!!

See the recipe section of my site for some of my favorite recipes for flavored kombucha!

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