I retail a large array of Whole Foods vitamins.  Until I am able to upload this information, please contact me for requested Products, Pricing and Quanity and Shipping information.  or 610-333-0848

Genuine Water Kefir Grains

1 Tablespoon of Genuine Water Kefir Grains Instructions included


Genuine Kombucha SCOBY

Genuine Kombucha SCOBY Instructions Included


Genuine Milk Kefir Grains

1 Tablespoon of Genuine Milk Kefir Grains Instructions Included


Fermentation Crock System

1 Gallon Sized Glass Crock, complete with Air-lock Lid. This integrative Air-lock allows gases to escape without allowing oxygen in. The storage plug allows the air-lock system to be removed after the fermentation process is complete. This allows you to utilize the same jar for storage of your completed probiotic-rich dish. Each fermentation system comes with a food-safe glass weight, that holds your fermented product below the brine to ensure a safe anaerobic environment. *Glass 1 Gal. Fermentation Jar *Air-Lock Lid *Storage Plug *Glass Weight


Elderberry Syrup Plus- 8 ounce bottle

Made with 8 potent immune boosting botanicles, this Syrup comes in 3 different sizes. Directions and breakdown of herbs are available upon request. Discounts available if you visit my Facebook Page. See details on the Elderberry Post that is pinned to the top of the page. Nature UNreFiNed on Facebook


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