I trust in using nature and nutrition in it’s unrefined form to provide us with a way to fight illness and achieve wellness and vitality. I truly believe that every bite of food we take is either feeding disease or fighting it.  I’m personally invested in all of my clients, to help them achieve their personal goals and help them reach vitality in its fullest.  Educating people and being a resource for nutritional support is my passion.  Natural, holistic living and utilitizing nutrition as therapy is my vision. Hippocrates once said, “A wise man should consider that Health is the greatest of human blessing, and learn how by his own thought, to derive benefit from his illness.”  This quote beautifully summarizes my work.  Illness will always have someone reaching for answers and support.  Through the individualized nutritional support I provide you, I will help you take Wellness from a dream to a reality.

Bio-individuality recognizes that there is not a one-size-fits-all diet.  Each person is a unique individual with specific nutritional requirements.  Personal differences in genetic backgrounds, personal tastes and lifestyles, metabolic rates and cell structure all influence your overall health and which foods make you thrive.  Because there is no one-size-fits-all fix for each individual, I work very closely with my clients to help them identify triggers.  Also identifiying which foods and supplements weaken or strengthen my clients.  Finding a profound sense of body awareness is a vital component in the healing process.

Aromas have a profound effect on our brains.  Particularly that of the limbic system, which is accessed through our olfactory system.  In addition to aromatherapy’s effects on the brain, essential oils also have direct medicinal qualities.  I educate and encourage my clients to integrate essential oils into their lives.  The emotional and physiological benefits of this therapy, is remarkable.

I offer individual nutritional consulting, personal menu planning and life-style coaching. My personal commitment to be resource for empowering people take control of their own health and equip you with the knowledge you need to take these steps.  Whole-food and herbal supplements, fermentation equipment and nutritional resources are also available.

Fee Schedule

Initial Nutritional Consulation      $90      1 1/2 hours

30 Minute Adult Consulatation      $30

60 Minute Adult Consultation        $55

30 Minute Child Consulation          $25

Sibling, spouse and special family discounts are available on an individual basis, please contact me for more information! 





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